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Aadhar Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Custom Made Formwork


Tailormade Shuttering

Aadhar has experience, expertise and equipments to manufacture standard and tailor made shuttering/staging items required for construction of dams, roads, bridges, precast girders, silos, chimneys and conduits.
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Pier Formwork (Circular)
Canal/Tunnel Lining
Mock-up Assembly for Barrage Shuttering
Mock-up Assembly for Barrage - Groove Shuttering
Concrete Crash Barrier Panel
Circular Formwork - for Common Effluent Treatment Plant
Shuttering for Barrage
PSC Girder Formwork
Circular Shutter for Concrete Piles
Circular Shutter for Concrete Piles
Precast Mould for Box Culvert
Bell Mouth Formwork
Pier formwork for NHAI Project
Circular Shuttering
Circular shuttering - Concrete Finish
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