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Scaffolding Accessories


Scaffolding Fittings

All scaffold fittings confirm to IS: 2750: 1980 are 40mm NB M.S. Tube continuous welded confirming to IS:1239 or 1161, grade YST 2.10 . Tubes
Fixed coupler
Fixed coupler for right angle joint 40 x 40
Swivel coupler
Swivel coupler for any joint 40 x 40
Fixed Base plate
Fixed Base plate to suit 40 NB & 50 NB tubes/pipes.
Expanding joint pin for 40 NB pipes - connecting two tubes/pipes end to end horizontally
Adjustable base jack
Adjustable base jack-350mm long gives adj. between 50mm to 200mm.
Adjustable stirrup Head
Adjustable stirrup Head - (1) 350mm long gives adj. of 50 to 250 mm
(2) 700mm long gives adj. of 50 to 550 mm
Propex- Mini prop
Propex- Mini prop providing 600mm to 900mm height
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Pipe Clamps
Pipe Clamps
Staging with Pipes and Couplers
Pipe Clamps used in Maintenance work for Offshore Job
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